In collaboration with the Roller Derby Nations Committee, we are very excited to be able to open submissions of Nations for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 in Greater Manchester, England.

The “Intent to Participate” form allows any National Team to express their intent to attend and compete at the Roller Derby World Cup 2018. In agreement with the RDNC, we have no restrictions on teams indicating intent to participate at this time – any Team may apply.

Indicating “Intent to Participate” is not a binding statement in itself, and we hope that this will enable teams to more rapidly indicate their interest, allowing us to size and optimise the rest of the tournament design for you more efficiently.

RDWC and RDNC consider that beginning payment of the registration fee is the binding act for a given Nation.

We are looking forward to seeing all of the many nations – returning and new – in Trafford in 10 months’ time!

Any questions can be addressed to your Roller Derby Nations Committee rep, or to RDWC via our skater relations address: [email protected] , or directly to [email protected] for the Chair.

Once the registration period ends, we will update this page with a list of competing teams.